Introducing Tanuki

A revolutionary solution that redefines the landscape of Penetration testing. Traditional penetration testing often falls short in addressing critical challenges: it's infrequent, lacks consistency, strains budgets, lacks realism, and often misses critical assets due to scope limitations. Tanuki is an autonomous AI-powered platform that breaks these barriers. With the click of a button, it conducts frequent and comprehensive tests, ensuring consistency in quality. Say goodbye to budget constraints as Tanuki offers a cost-effective solution. Its realism sets it apart, using real-world attacks and a global network to obfuscate its efforts. Tanuki's broad scope encompasses all your company's assets, leaving no stone unturned.

Tanuki Delivers Advanced Capabilities



Gain critical insights into your security posture in real-time instead of waiting days or weeks for penetration test reports.



Launch penetrations tests with minimal client interaction or support. It's as easy as ordering a pizza.



AI that learns and gets smarter with every interaction, ensuring that all attack vectors are checked and no assumptions are made.



Tanuki uses deep neural networks and a learning loop which enables it to launch human-like attacks and navigate a pentest, start to finish.


Bleeding Edge

Tanuki empowers organizations to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threats as attackers are increasingly adopting AI and automation.



Organizations can test their infrastructure continuously at no additional cost and without the overhead of expensive consulting engagements.

Using various passive and active OSINT techniques, Tanuki combines automation and machine learning to identify, correlate, and analyze information that could be of value to adversaries. This includes understanding social relationships in an organization's structure and identifying information that could be weaponized in an attack to gain unauthorized access to an organizations resources.

Tanuki follows the NIST-SP-800-115 technical guide to information security testing and thus provides a complete vulnerability analysis of all possible attack vectors for systems included within the testing scope. Each vulnerability identified during an engagement is reported on and accompanied by a mitigation plan that organizations can use to reduce their operational risk.

Tanuki makes autonomous decisions on exploiting vulnerabilities and chains together attacks to dig deeper and understand business impact. This helps organizations prioritize mitigation activity and allocate appropriate resources. Using proof-of-presence payloads, Tanuki can intelligently demonstrate exploitation on production systems without affecting daily business operations.

Tanuki is the first solution to integrate real-world social engineering attacks. By leveraging social-engineering attacks, Tanuki can access corporate resources such as VPNs or workstations. This activity is complemented by the core decision engine and enables Tanuki to dig deeper into the organization's network and expose security blind spots that administrators may not be aware of.